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Pennsylvania's Premier Economic Development Consulting Firm Specializing in Real Estate Development, Finance + Construction​


At Impact Pennsylvania Strategies, we and our team of ‘best of breed’ affiliates work with businesses, colleges, hospitals, developers and communities to bring their visions to reality.  What distinguishes IPS is our singular focus on achieving results -- and realizing our clients’ plans.  Your dreams are our dreams.  Your problems are our problems.  Your budgets are our budgets.  Your deadlines are our deadlines. And, of course, ultimately -- your success is our success.​

Our expertise is second to none.  But what makes us special is that we, like the people we work for (with), fervently believe that ‘we eat what we catch’.  Our very reputation is premised on the bold promise that we must deliver.  We think our track record speaks for itself.  So, please - check us out! And if you have questions about how we can help with your specific project, please don't hesitate to contact us.​

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