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Here's how Impact Pennsylvania Strategies can help you:

Economic Development

While recognizing the importance of the political process, our approach to securing financial assistance (grants, loans, tax credits, etc.) is business-like. Simply, we know how to present, defend and justify our clients’ need for assistance - assistance needed to close the deal.  We know who to talk to, what to ask for, and how to ask for it.

We know the programs, the players and the process - and have earned the respect of funders at all levels: Federal, State and private.   If you are a company looking to relocate, expand, maintain or grow, we would love to help make it happen.

Because of the confidence that we have in our ability to deliver, and because we view ourselves as developers and not lobbyists, we are comfortable basing most of our fees on "back-end" success.  Your success. 

Click the "Results" tab to see a snapshot of our track record.

Real Estate Development +

Design-Build Construction

Our full-service approach is a welcome niche for our clients-- where they may be limited in time, inclination or competency to spearhead the development process.  IPS proudly partners with "best of breed" design professionals and contractors to offer turnkey real-estate development and construction services to our clients. Our approach enables our clients to reduce the expense and aggravation that comes with trying to coordinate multiple consultants.

Simply, at IPS, we're not so much a construction manager as we are development managers.  We offer true ‘soup to nuts’ services - including site identification, acquisition, site and building design, land development approvals, estimating, budgeting, scheduling, financing, permitting and construction.  Or, of course, any required services in between. 

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