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Larry is nationally recognized for his innovative approach to problem-solving and his strategic (and tenacious) advocacy on behalf of the projects with which he is involved.  Bringing his experience as an attorney, a real estate developer, a construction company executive, a project manager and a senior official for two Pennsylvania governors (and a cabinet member for one), Larry has earned a singular reputation for making things happen. 


Following law school and several years of private practice, Larry began his real estate career at Toll Brothers, one of the nation's largest and most respected homebuilders.  As a project manager for a large public company, Larry was schooled in the importance of the bottom line.  Widely known for its strict yet empowering project management philosophy, Toll Brothers taught Larry the importance of "getting to Yes", of "closing loops" of "managing by objectives" and certainly that "on-time" and "on-budget" aren't just words--they are gospel.  Larry has carried this results-oriented passion (and insistence on accountability) with him throughout his career.


Larry has devoted his career to improving our "built-environment" and to promoting economic development.  Whether through construction, financing or smart policy development, Larry has always focused on results.    Here are some of Larry's accomplishments:

*Senior Vice President, Wesex Corporation-- Larry helped build Wesex into one of PA's premier design-builders of large scale industrial projects.  Over 4 years, annual revenue at Wesex increased from $4M to $50M.

*"Housing Czar" of Pennsylvania--Larry helped lead the development and implementation of a $3 billion economic stimulus program as Cabinet advisor to Governor Edward G. Rendell, and served as the governor's liaison for major capital project in all of PA's 67 counties.  Led multiple inter-agency efforts to increase production and supply of affordable housing and broke down barriers to housing options for people with special needs.

*Founder, Community Action Team (CAT)--Working with the Department of Community and Economic Development, Larry helped create CAT and the "engagement model" of grant administration.  Bringing together representatives from multiple state agencies, CAT team members facilitated impactful redevelopment projects throughout PA.  CAT was recognized by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University as one of the 50 best innovations in state goverment in 2006.

*Principal, Impact PA Strategies (IPS)--IPS has secured over $250 million in economic development grants/loans for major capital projects and corporate incentives.  Assisted companies, municipalities and developers ins successfully completing projects--leveraging over $1 billion in private investment and the creation or retention of over 5,200 jobs.

*Real Estate Development--Through several privately held development entities, Larry has built, owns and/or manages over 500 residential properties, including single family homes and affordable multi-family units.  Larry has focused his development efforts on "impact-oriented" mixed-use projects, helping to revitalize downtowns through residential, commercial and retail development.


Larry received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and his law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center. He remains very active in civic and charitable organizations—serving on the boards of the PA Transportation Advisory Committee, the PA Housing Advisory Committee, Regional Housing Legal Services and as Chairman of 10,000 Friends of PA.  He has received numerous commendations for his achievements, including the "Distinguished Public Serve Award" from the Pennsylvania League of Cities and the Ernestine P. Watlington "Extraordinary Achievement Award" from the Pennsylvania Housing Alliance.


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