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“I knew he wouldn’t fail. Larry was at times thoughtful and at times tenacious as he shepherded our major corporate refinancing through HUD. He was equally skilled at working with elected officials as with career bureaucrats. I don’t know how he did it, but he did it. He’s the best.”

    ~ Joe Hardy, Founder The 84 Lumber Company

“Larry just won’t take “no” for an answer. Boscov’s owes Larry a great debt for helping our company emerge from bankruptcy. The complicated HUD loan that Larry conceived and negotiated probably “died” a hundred times before it ultimately closed. Larry never gave up. He used his legal, his political and his financing talents to solve the many potentially deal-breaking problems that arose. He’s like having a lawyer, a developer and a financier on a single speed dial. And besides, he’s a good guy.”
    ~ Albert Boscov, CEO Boscov’s Department Stores

“No one can package project funding better than Larry. The monument to his efforts can be seen on the Warren riverfront, which has been utterly transformed from a blighted industrial site into a glistening downtown hub—with new parking, new housing and new commercial activity. Larry has mastered the nuances of public/private partnerships, blending his expertise in real estate finance with a keen ability to navigate local and state politics to deliver results.”
    ~ Senator Joe Scarnati (R-Warren)

“Larry thrives on doing the impossible. Indiana County tried unsuccessfully to acquire the Kovalchick scrap metal yards for over ten years. Larry not only negotiated the acquisition of the property within six months, he succeeded in assembling the financing for both the acquisition as well as the construction of IUP’s new Kovalchick Convocation Center. Larry’s creativity is unequaled. He is the consummate deal-maker.”
    ~ Senator Don White (R-Indiana)


"Larry made our dreams of a Dance and Visual Arts Center come true.  Enormous thanks from all of us at Seton Hill.  None of this would have happened without Larry's wisdom and persistence."

    _ Dr. JoAnne Boyle, President, Seton Hill University





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